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Miscellaneous Flash Games, free and online at Misc games, funny games, addicting games, weird games, unique games. Play games with monkeys, robots, kittens, dragons, fishing, collecting, building towers, and more. Our mixing pot of crazy fun games.

Fishing Girl iconFishing Girl

Reel in those fish one by one as you attempt to save a boy who's trapped on the other side. 3.86 stars, 15626 plays
by LunaDrift

Paw Frenzy! iconPaw Frenzy!

This is very simple online game where your aim is to dodge the paws. 3.5 stars, 9644 plays high scores icon
by MrBrian | Top Player: tubbylynne123 (1784640)

Filler 2 iconFiller 2

Fill up 2/3 of the screen to advance! 3.5 stars, 6450 plays high scores icon
by SimianLogic | Multiple High Scores Tables

IncrediBots iconIncrediBots

Build custom robots in your browser with IncrediBots! 3 stars, 8308 plays
by grubbygames

Heartballs iconHeartballs

A unique shuffleboard style game full of skill and heart. 3 stars, 1915 plays high scores icon
by pluisje | Top Player: mas (883)

pixelBOMB iconpixelBOMB

Collect the stars as fast as you can! 3 stars, 1741 plays high scores icon
by Chaz | Top Player: tippboyy (61)

99 Bricks icon99 Bricks

Build the highest tower using 99 Bricks. 3 stars, 1735 plays
by WeirdBeard

Boomshine iconBoomshine

Click on the screen to start a chain reaction. Explode as many white dots as the level requires. 2.5 stars, 2370 plays
by K2xL

Mac Donald's Farm iconMac Donald's Farm

You've just crept into Mac Donald's farm to take a picture of the animals for your school-project. 2 stars, 1858 plays
by Albgames

Honey Catch iconHoney Catch

Honeycomb collection game! 2 stars, 1662 plays high scores icon
by ianstokes | Top Player: mas (3725)

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Thanks for visiting Faith Playground, a christian game site for kid, teen, and adult gamers! This is the place to play free online Christian games in popular categories such as Puzzle games, Card games, Matching games, Sports games, Racing games, Word games, Memory games, Board games, Quiz games, Strategy & RPG games, Renju games, Fashion Games, Dress Up Games, and more! You'll find a variety of fun, clean, and safe family friendly games at Faith Playground. We have the best games from some of the industry's top christian game developers.

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